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more than a blank page

Most girls try writing in a diary at one point or another. Some figure out what to put on those blank pages, most don’t.

from the creator

My name is Grace and I started keeping a diary when I was about 10 years old, the day I got my tonsils out. It was a thoughtful gift from my mother at a scary time in my life. I wrote in it on and off (mostly off) until, at age 13, I started making more regular entries. Rereading the diary 25 years later, I realized that while I had a record of the things I did and places I went, I hadn’t written down the things that were most important to me, the things I thought about when I was alone, the things that worried me, my hopes, dreams, and stories. I found myself wishing someone had asked me some interesting questions.

I created the Oasis Pages Diary to bridge the gap between the blank page and the desire to write. I created it because as a girl moves into her teens and life gets more complicated, she experiences increasing pressure from the outer world about who she should be and what she should look like. I wanted to create a fun and engaging way for her to be herself.

what’s a guided diary?

Starting a diary can be hard enough; it is even harder to keep going. That’s why the first part of the Oasis Pages is designed as a 28-day quest—after introducing herself through creative word lists and promising to write, each girl embarks on her own self-discovery adventure, using the daily template to record what she feels and wants to say and then responding to the writing invitation of the day, including prompts like: • One of my best memories is the time when … • What makes me mad? • A time I had to say good-bye (to someone, something, or someplace) … • In what ways am I a rebel? (In what ways do I want to be?)

As a special bonus, girls find thought-provoking notes on writing and diary-keeping on each page.

When she accomplishes the 28-day quest, Pause Pages invite celebration, reflection, and a decision: whether to keep writing or not. By this time, she has plenty of practice and writing ideas for staying motivated. The blank pages that follow are her opportunity—and include a sprinkling of quotes on life and writing by inspiring women (as well as a few surprise pages at the end).

a meaningful — and fun — gift!

A great size and shape with beautifully colorful artwork, the Oasis Pages is for girls who already write and girls who might want to. Because all girls have important things to say, inner treasures to discover, and the right to a safe and private place to express themselves.

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Grace-Welker-web-bioGrace Welker

Grace Welker, is a lifelong educator, traveler, and writer with degrees in education (SUNY, New Paltz) and linguistics (Georgetown University). An advocate for empowerment, she has worked primarily in non-profit and educational settings, including the British Council and the US Peace Corps, teaching, training, and project managing. Since 2002, she has served in editorial and marketing roles with the Sivananda Yoga organization in the Bahamas, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

“I started keeping a diary when I was 10 years old, the day I got my tonsils out. Rereading it 25 years later, I realized that it would have been great if someone had asked me some interesting questions, so I had a record not just of what I did, but also what I thought. My main goal with the Oasis Pages was to create a diary a girl couldn’t not write in.”

Riva Danzig | Oasis PagesRiva Danzig

Riva Danzig, a 40+ year veteran of print design, collaborated with Grace to create the art and graphic framework for the Oasis Pages Diary. Making books, a craft that was her family’s trade for two generations before her, is her first love. She began her career as a girl of five, helping her father put together books and magazines for children, some that had been written by her grandfather. Bringing her skills to the creation of Oasis Pages continues her family’s legacy.

“It’s my hope that girls everywhere in the world have opportunities to express themselves and be cherished for the story they have to tell. I’m so proud to be a part of the Oasis Pages project, which is actively contributing to that reality.”

In the fall of 2014, we ran on online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to print 2,000 copies of the Oasis Pages. The campaign ended successfully with a total of $11,275 contributed. It takes a village, as they say, and we are happy to have joined together with 169 contributors to make a positive impact in the lives of girls.

As a result, we were able to donate diaries  to girls in the hospital, teen moms, girls facing addiction, girls in self-empowerment programs, and others going through a hard time. While the Oasis Pages is designed for girls 12 to 16, girls both older and younger have taken to them, as well as girls from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.

Our goal is to get diaries to as many girls as possible.

Girls LOVE them! As do moms, aunts, grandmothers, friends, teachers—as well as dads and uncles, soccer coaches, camp directors, and social service providers.

A girl writes in a diary because someone gives her one.

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