give her a diary she'll treasure


Advertisers tell girls what they should look like —
the Oasis Pages asks a girl who she is.

The Oasis Pages encourages girls to explore their inner landscapes,
asking questions and inviting them to write via thought-provoking
prompts, fun word lists, and inspiring notes. The bottom line?
The Oasis Pages inspires girls to get curious about themselves.


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For girls who write — and girls who might want to!

Lots of girls want to keep a diary but aren’t sure what to write.
That’s why Oasis Pages invites girls on a guided diary-keeping quest.
Because every girl’s got important things to say —
and inner treasures to discover.


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Why give a teen girl the Oasis Pages?

The Oasis Pages is a special gift that says “you matter” —
your words, your feelings, your thoughts, your stories.
It’s an experience that a girl can dive into whatever her interests.
Whether she continues to write or not, she’ll have a book of her life right now.


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